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We are a Leading Nigeria based ICT Services and IT Consultancy Company. As a company in the ICT business our product portfolio covers the breadth of ICT and depth, and we aim to deliver exactly what your business requires. As a complete ICT Services and Infrastructure supplier we remain committed to delivering ICT solutions that make IT simpler and better!

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Bulk SMS Solutions

Our Bulk SMS solution (FlashSystems SMS) guarantees minimal downtime. Features include: Friendly user support, instant delivery, sender id customization, affordability and 1 SMS unit to 1 SMS

Software Development

We make use of software process models. The entire software development life-cycle is the basic framework for workflow. These models include: Waterfall development, Prototyping development, Incremental development, Iterative and incremental, Spiral development, Rapid application development, Agile development, Lightweight methodologies V-Model and Others

Mobile Application Development

We target the following platforms for your mobile application needs. These platforms are: Android, Windows, Blackberry and Apple (iOS)

CBT Application Deployment and Training

Sales, Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of Computer-Based Tests Software suite. Our software features include: Instant Results, Tests on demand, Quick Decision Taking, Automated Test-scoring and Fewer Personnel Requirements

Cloud Services and Web Design / Hosting

Security of Data is guaranteed by our cloud services. These services include: Software as a Service, (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Server Hosting is also available. Available domain names include:

  • .org
  • .com
  • .com.ng
  • .net
  • .gov
  • .edu.ng

Networking and Hardware Repair / Maintenance

We provide networking solutions. They include:

  • Cabling/Trunking, Optical Fiber
  • VoIP (Voice over IP)
  • Network Design and Infrastructure
  • Cisco and Mikrotik Router Configuration

ICT Solutions for Secondary Schools and Universities

We provide educational solutions too. These include:

  • Educational Finance and Accounting Software
  • Result Processing and Management Software
  • Transcript Management Software
  • Library Management Software
  • Biometric Verification Software for Attendance Management

IONOS - Official Partner

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